Whether you are a non-UK company looking for inward investment in the UK with a manufacturing or service enterprise. Or if your company has been here some time and are  seeking further growth finance. Or you are a non-EU entrepreneur looking to invest in the UK in the most tax efficient way our sister company British Strategy can help.

Also our Tier1 Entrepreneur Visa matchmaking service handles the whole process for incoming individuals wishing to bring a business or to work in the UK.

Intelligent and sensitive matchmaking ensures that an investing entrepreneur has the talents and capabilities that can add real value to a suitable UK company.

Our team of specialist accountants and lawyers ensure that an application to
the UK Government Home Office is valid and fully compliant.

So whether you are looking at the UK’s residency rules, non-domicile tax issues or help with international business tax, we would be happy to help. Please contact us today for a free no-obligation meeting with one of our tax experts by following this link >>>

The complete service for Inward Investment!