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National Insurance (NI)

People planning to claim the UK state pension have been advised to check their National Insurance (NI) record to identify any shortfalls in their payment history. NI contributions, or lack of them, can affect a person’s entitlement to the state pension in later life. A temporary window which allows people to voluntarily top up NI [...]

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Talking Tax – consider these tax issues

This is not tax advice, nor a comprehensive view of all tax issues, but in considering the tax issues relating to your business and insuring you keep out of the way of an HMRC tax investigation there are numerous tax reliefs and incentives available and a selection of these follows below. Naturally these will depend [...]

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Ten Ways to Legitimately Save Tax in 2017/18

The opportunities to save tax have just become even more complicated, so much so that even the Inland Revenue Software cannot cope with all the changes! That having been said, it is actually possible to save tax on income of over £32,000 in certain circumstances as the example at the end will show. Apart from [...]

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